Welcome to the Department of Labor, where we work so America works!

Do you care about protecting workers, improving working conditions, ensuring workplace justice, and creating opportunities for all workers to advance? Do you want to support employers who play by the rules and build a strong economy where everyone gets a fair shot? If so, the U.S. Department of Labor may be the place for you.

We help keep America’s workplaces safe and healthy, fight for workers to get a just day’s pay, work to get critical benefits to the unemployed and training opportunities to job seekers, and help build a better, more inclusive America.

The videos below highlight the various jobs we accomplish, illuminate agency objectives, and describe our shared passion to serve. Department of Labor personnel are located across the nation and hail from numerous communities, identities, and backgrounds. We are DOL!

After getting to know our coworkers, we hope you too are inspired to join our team.

Current Vacancies at the Department of Labor