Post-Secondary Student

The Post-Secondary Student hiring authority is for students currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program at a four-year college/university or graduate school. This authority allows an agency to non-competitively appoint a post-secondary student who is enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an institution of higher education and pursuing a baccalaureate or graduate degree on at least a part-time basis to a temporary or term position at or below the GS-11 level. Appointments made under this hiring authority may convert a post-secondary student to a permanent appointment in the competitive service, within that same agency, without further competition if the student has completed the course of study leading to a baccalaureate or graduate degree and meets the qualification standards for the position to which converted.

Current Postings:

College Graduate

The College Graduate hiring authority is for recent college and graduate students who completed their degrees within the past two years. This authority allows an agency to noncompetitively appoint an eligible and qualified College Graduate to any position classified by OPM in the administrative or professional series at or below the GS-11 level to a permanent position.

Current Postings:

DOL, Office of Apprenticeship, Office of Job Corps, Office of Workforce InvestmentIntern- Student Trainee (Workforce)GS-0199-016/12/20246/26/2024