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Jobs that pay

Ensuring safe and healthy workplaces is a top priority for the Labor Department. It's also a smart career path: Jobs in this area typically pay well and are projected to grow.


Did you know January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month? Learn more about what we're doing to end trafficking — and how you can help.

Helping you succeed

Meet the people we work for every day.

Report on Colombia

How we're leveling the global playing field.

High road employers

These businesses know doing good is key to doing well.


Mentoring month

Why mentoring matters for young people with disabilities.

$11M for coal miners

Grant to help those affected by layoffs in Kentucky.

New beryllium rule

Thousands of workers will be better protected.


A fair day's pay

Iris is one of hundreds of hotel workers in Southeast Texas whose hard work hasn't always equaled fair pay. Our investigation recovered more than half a year's wages for her in unpaid overtime plus damages.

Read her story.