DOL Newsletter


Too many workers don't have the leave they need to care for themselves and their family members. Our new rule aims to fix that for over 1 million federal contractors.

Support during stressful times

One Vermont company decided from the start that healthy employees = happy employees. How they help workers handle life’s curveballs.

Our new rule will strengthen the economic security of working families.

Farther together

Advancing African workers' rights and livelihoods.

Sticking together

Terrence Wise is the face of a powerful movement.

Going Dutch

Apprenticeship can work for multinational investors.


Engaging partners

Partnerships are key to carrying out our mission.

A fair shot

Ensuring equal opportunity in construction contracting.

Walk for peace

Job Corps students take a stand against violence.

DOL Working For You

Enforcing the rules

North Carolina construction contractor Doug Burton knows firsthand how the misclassification of workers in his industry creates an unfair playing field. A new partnership with his state will help hold employers accountable.