DOL Newsletter

5.6 Million Hires in October

There were 5.6 million hires in October, the highest since March 2001. U.S. job openings remained near a record high, with 6 million open jobs.

Holiday Reminder

The Department reminds employers to comply with federal labor laws related to safety, pay, and benefits during the holiday rush.

Visa Enforcement

A North Dakota farmer was debarred from the H-2A temporary worker program after violating visa requirements.

Pension Restored

A U.S. District Court in Alabama has sentenced a former fund manager for her role in pension plan theft.

Deadly Flash Fire

OSHA cited an Alabama auto dealership after a flash fire resulted in two worker injuries and three deaths.


Wages Restored

A federal contractor has paid $213,282 in back wages after a Department investigation found wage and fringe benefits violations.

Trench Hazards

OSHA cited a Georgia contractor for failing to protect its employees from trench collapse hazards, and fined it $130,552.

Whistleblower Repaid

An asbestos abatement and demolition company must pay more than $173,000 to a former employee who was fired after reporting improper practices.


Lighting a New Path

"It really is a great feeling to see things light up." See how Katelyn followed an unconventional, and satisfying, path to career success.