DOL Newsletter

American goods

Secretary Acosta visited with businesses from all 50 states at the White House this week to honor the incredible workers and companies who make "Made in America" the world standard for quality and craftsmanship.

#MadeInAmerica roundtable

"Defending our 'Made in America' brand is not just about a slogan or patriotism. When we defend 'Made in America,' we are defending the hard work and innovation of American workers," said Secretary Acosta. Acosta joined President Trump, Vice President Pence and others to discuss the role of certification in ensuring the integrity of the Made in America label.

Licensing reforms

Speaking to the American Legislative Exchange Council, Secretary Acosta called on state legislators to engage in principled reforms that help the American workforce, including occupational licensing. "By removing barriers, you have the opportunity to create millions of jobs without spending a single dime," he said.

$10.5M in safety grants

The department will offer $10.5 million in grants to support training and education for worker safety and health.

Building work skills

At Florida Polytechnic University, Secretary Acosta discussed how to prepare students for in-demand STEM careers.


Wage restoration

Three New Jersey construction companies have agreed to pay $850,000 in back wages and damages to 153 workers.

Manhole fatalities

OSHA issued citations for safety failures that led to the deaths of three workers in a manhole containing toxic gases.


Training for a healthy career

Holly couldn't afford college, but still wanted a meaningful career. Learn how Job Corps training gave her the skills for a job she loves.