DOL Newsletter


Fair pay and safe workplaces

A new rule regarding federal contractors will make sure workers are protected, businesses have a fair shot to compete and taxpayers get the best bang for their buck.



A secure retirement

We've taken another big step toward helping all Americans to save for retirement, and better prepare for a secure and dignified retirement after a lifetime of hard work.




Did you know? Construction jobs are growing, and apprenticeship is often the key to getting a good one.


Our youth, our future

How we can give them the skills they need to succeed.

Better building

This Austin initiative builds a brighter future for workers.

Waffles and work

Find out what we're doing to make work better.


Protecting workers

A new partnership will help stop misclassification.

Nail salon no-no

Six Long Island salons owe 95 workers back pay.

Smart investments

Funding for key job training programs is critical.


Clear direction

Travis always wanted a job helping others but struggled to find the right career path. Job Corps gave him an opportunity to learn valuable skills and to serve.