DOL Newsletter

Justice for Bobby and Danny

While other children their age were focused on school, Bobby and Danny were working in construction under dangerous conditions, making well below the minimum wage.

High-paying jobs

Want to make the big bucks? What you should know about occupations that pay well above the median.

True diversity

Deputy Secretary Lu on what makes for stronger workplaces.

Faith-based partners

Community organizations help promote economic opportunity.


Employment plays a key role with respect to health.


National Miners Day

On Dec. 6, we recognize the contributions of miners.

Nearly $1M owed

Life Time Fitness underpaid employees in 26 states.

Fatal fall

Seattle-based cargo handler cited after longshoreman dies.


Truckin' to success

Homeless at 22, Robert needed a way to get off the streets. Learn how Job Corps helped him find a new career and outlook on life.