Hall of Honor Inductee: Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson

William S. Harley (1880 — 1943)
Arthur Davidson (1881 — 1950)
Walter Davidson (1876 — 1942)
William A. Davidson (1870 — 1937)

"My office door is always open."

In 1903, William Harley, along with Arthur and Walter Davidson, pooled their resources to produce the first practical Harley-Davidson motorcycle. With William A. Davidson, who joined the venture later, their fledgling motor company turned out eight machines in 1905. By 1920, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Through periods of both war and economic depression, Harley-Davidson endured. Its founders both used and believed in the company's products and relied on the dedication of its employees to produce quality motorcycles.

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