Letter L-7: Supply & Service On-Site Confirmation Letter

Sent Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested



[Name of Contractor Official]


[Street Address]

[City, State, Zip Code]


RE: [Name of company/facility]


Dear (contractor official):


This letter confirms that the U. S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) will begin the on-site phase of the compliance evaluation of your facility located at [facility address] on [date] at [time].

During a preliminary review of [name of company/facility]’s scheduling letter submission, OFCCP identified at least the following areas for further investigation: 

(1) [e.g., Hiring practices in the Technician I job group]; and

(2) [e.g., Compensation policies and practices for women in the following job groups: Engineer I, Project Architect, and Principal].

Please note that these areas of investigation are based on preliminary indicators of potential violations identified during the desk audit. OFCCP has not determined that [name of company/facility] is in violation of any laws.  Identification of these preliminary indicators does not limit the scope of OFCCP’s authority to confirm compliance with other requirements or investigate other potential violations that it discovers during this compliance evaluation. 

The on-site will begin with an entrance conference.  At a minimum, this should be attended by the highest-ranking official at the facility as well as the human resources official and, if separate, the equal employment opportunity officialUpon the conclusion of the on-site, an exit conference will be conducted with the same participants present at the entrance conference.


As explained by [compliance officer] the initial on-site will include a facility inspection, interviews with managers, company officials and employees, and the review and collection of records and documents.  A private area will be required for conducting interviews and reviewing records.  Specific individuals to be interviewed as well as records required for review are identified in the attachment to this letter.


Since all requested information will become part of the official case file, it is crucial that photocopies of the original documents be made available to us during the on-site investigation. The only exception would be actual personnel files. Provided documents should not have been redacted or edited in any way, and all provided personnel files should be original and complete.


Please be aware that these requests are not intended to be all-inclusive and could be expanded. Furthermore, due to the limited amount of time that will be spent on-site at the facility, it is crucial that all of the information be prepared before the commencement of the on-site and submitted in an organized manner.


If you have any questions, please contact [compliance officer] at [telephone number] or [e-mail address].




[signature block of signing official]


Attachment [Note: no template is being provided for attachment as the information is specific to each contractor]


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