The Directives System has been periodically reviewed and updated to eliminate obsolete or redundant materials. Since December 2011, the Division of Policy and Program Development has been reviewing directives to determine whether they should remain active or be rescinded. As a result of this review, this page provides access to all current OFCCP Directives that have been issued as interpretative guidance and their new reference numbers which consist of the fiscal year of issuance followed by a sequential number. Directives are listed in order of release date. Visit the Rescission Notices page to see which directives have been rescinded.

OFCCP Directives
Directive Number Date
Certainty in OFCCP Policies and Practices DIR 2021-02 12/11/2020
Extending the Scheduling Moratorium for Veterans Affairs Health Benefits Program (VAHBP) Providers DIR 2021-01 10/19/2020
Ombuds Service Supplement DIR 2020-04 4/17/2020
Pre-Referral Mediation Program DIR 2020-03 4/17/2020
Efficiency in Compliance Evaluations DIR 2020-02 4/17/2020
Spouses of Protected Veterans DIR 2020-01 11/08/2019
Contractors’ Obligations Regarding Students in Working Relationships with Educational Institutions DIR 2019-05 9/05/2019
Voluntary Enterprise‐wide Review Program DIR 2019-04 2/13/2019
Opinion Letters and Help Desk DIR 2019-03 11/30/2018
Early Resolution Procedures DIR 2019-02 11/30/2018
Compliance Review Procedures (rescinds DIR 2011-01) DIR 2019-01 11/30/2018
OFCCP Ombud Service DIR 2018-09 9/19/2018
Transparency in OFCCP Compliance Activities DIR 2018-08 9/19/2018
Affirmative Action Program Verification Initiative DIR 2018-07 8/24/2018
Contractor Recognition Program DIR 2018-06 8/24/2018
Analysis of Contractor Compensation Practices During a Compliance Evaluation DIR 2018-05 8/24/2018
Focused reviews of contractor compliance with Executive Order 11246 (E.O.), as amended; Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 503), as amended; and Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 (VEVRAA), as amended. DIR 2018-04 8/10/2018
Executive Order 11246 § 204(c), religious exemption. DIR 2018-03 8/10/2018
TRICARE Subcontractor Enforcement Activities DIR 2018-02 5/18/2018
Use of Predetermination Notices (PDN) DIR 2018-01 2/27/2018
Handling Individual and Systemic Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Complaints DIR 2015-01 4/16/2015
Gender Identity and Sex Discrimination DIR 2014-02 8/19/2014
TRICARE Subcontractor Enforcement Activities DIR 2014-01 5/7/2014
Calculating Back Pay as a Part of Make-Whole Relief for Victims of Employment Discrimination (referenced as Directive No. 310) DIR 2013-04 7/17/2013
Complying with Nondiscrimination Provisions: Criminal Record Restrictions and Discrimination Based on Race and National Origin (referenced as Directive 306 and ADM Notice) DIR 2013-02 1/29/2013
Functional Affirmative Action Programs DIR 2013-01 Revision 2 6/20/2019
Verification Procedures under E.O. 13496, Notification of Employee Rights under Federal Labor Laws, and the Department of Labor’s Implementing Regulations at 29 C.F.R. Part 471 (referenced as Transmittal No. 290 and ADM Notice/Other) DIR 2010-01 6/15/2010
Federal Contractors’ Obligation to Maintain and Analyze Race and Ethnicity Data of Applicants and Employees in AAPs Prepared in Accordance with Executive Order 11246, as amended (referenced as Transmittal No. 283 and ADM Notice/Other) DIR 2008-02 8/14/2008
Preserving Employment and Personnel Records in Electronic Format (referenced as Transmittal No. 279 and ADM Notice/Other) DIR 2008-01 5/14/2008
Separate Facility Exemptions/Waivers (referenced as Transmittal No. 260 and ADM Notice/Separate Facility Exemption/Waiver) DIR 2002-01 9/13/2002
Numerical Goals Under Executive Order 11246 (referenced as Transmittal No. 207 and ADM Notice/Other) DIR 1996-01 12/13/1995