On November 30, 2018, Directive 2019-03 committed to provide additional compliance assistance and guidance regarding OFCCP’s laws and regulations. As a part of this Directive, OFCCP committed to issuing opinion letters that provide guidance on the application of OFCCP regulations to fact‐specific situations that follow the criteria in this directive. Presented below by topic and date are OFCCP’s opinion letters. If you would like to request an opinion letter, please provide your question and fact‐specific situations to OFCCP’s Help Desk.


Topic Date
Legal Protections for Religious Liberty in the Workplace 01/8/2021
DoD SkillBridge Program 11/8/2019
Federal Communications Commission’s Universal Service Fund 7/31/2019
Pay Analysis Groupings 7/22/2019
OFCCP's Jurisdiction Related to Pell Grants 05/23/2019