Freedom of Information Act

During the federal government's maximum telework flexibilities operating status, the U.S. Department of Labor is still able to receive and timely log FOIA requests and appeals submitted through the Department's Public Access Portal or the designated email addresses ( and, respectively) as well as those submitted through the National FOIA Portal. The receipt of FOIA requests and FOIA appeals received through other methods may be delayed. Please also note that the processing of some FOIA requests may be delayed due to the inability of FOIA staff to access responsive paper files maintained in unattended offices or those held at any of the National Archives and Records Administration's Federal Records Centers.

Can I submit a FOIA request?

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) anyone can request access to federal agency records or information. Like all federal agencies, we must disclose records requested in writing, but we may withhold information under one of FOIA's exemptions and exclusions.

How do I submit a FOIA request?

Before submitting a request, use DOL search to make sure the information you're looking for isn't already publically available on our website.

Next, read our Guide to Submitting Requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

Once you prepare your FOIA request, the best way to submit it is by creating an account in our Public Access Link. Alternately, you may submit your request via email at or directly to any agency component by mail, fax or courier. However, doing so may delay our response. Contact information for our agency components is available here.

If you're not sure which agency component maintains the records you want, you may submit your request to the Office of the Solicitor using the contact information below.

Fax: 202-693-5389, attn: FOIA Staff
Office of the Solicitor
Division of Management and Administrative Legal Services
200 Constitution Ave NW
Room N-2420
Washington, DC 20210.

How do I check what information has been published in the Labor Department's FOIA Libraries?

Please use the links below to see what records DOL agency components have published.

How do I check the status of a FOIA request I submitted?

You can check the status of submitted FOIA requests using our FOIA Public Portal.