Scott Gibbons

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The Chief Data Officer (CDO) is responsible for data governance and lifecycle data management, supporting the Department in meeting the requirements of the Federal Data Strategy and Open Government Data Act. The CDO, located in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy, serves as co-chair of the DOL Data Board, a departmental work group charged with improving the Department’s capacity to leverage data as a strategic asset, developing and guiding data strategy, management, and policy, as well as data governance, stewardship, architecture, and use.


  • The Chief Data Officer supports the Department of Labor’s implementation of the Open Government Data Act (Title 2 of the Evidence Act) and related laws and strategies, including the Federal Data Strategy, DATA Act and Geospatial Data Act, and include efforts to help the Department improve data generation and use as a strategic asset. 

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Creation of CDO and DOL Data Board | Secretary's Order 02-2019