Evidence-based decision making is vital to the success of any organization.  OASAM’s Performance Management Center (PMC) oversees the Department of Labor’s results-driven management efforts by supporting the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management, in the role of Performance Improvement Officer (PIO), and the Deputy Secretary, in the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO).  PMC is responsible for the Department’s compliance with the Government Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRAMA) and many portions of the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA). PMC guides the development of annual agency Agency Management Plans and the coordination of regularly scheduled data driven performance reviews.


  • The Director of the Performance Management Center supports the Department’s results-driven management through strategic planning, continuous process improvement, and performance planning and reporting, including coordination with the other Evidence Officials to ensure effective alignment between strategic plans and evidence-building plans.

Highlighted Evidence-Building Activities

Strategic Plan, Strategic Review, and Annual Performance Report

PMC leads the development and reporting on the Department’s 4-year Strategic Plan.  The Strategic Plan sets the Department’s Strategic Goals and Objectives, which inform annual budget requests, annual Agency Management Plans, and individual performance plans for the Department’s federal workforce. 

Each year, PMC leads the Strategic Review of the Department’s strategic objectives, which includes the areas of performance management, evaluation and research, budget formulation and execution, and enterprise risk management.  This review assists in the formulation of the President’s Budget Request and culminates in the Annual Performance Report – a public-facing high-level report on the Department’s performance for the previous year.

Department of Labor Agency Management Plans

PMC works with agencies across the department to develop and track progress against annual Agency Managent Plans.  These plans include performance measures and milestones that are reported quarterly to the Performance Improvement Officer (Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management) and the Chief Operating Officer (Deputy Secretary).  These quarterly reviews assist Departmental decision-makers in allocating resources, making strategic course corrections, and scaling best practices.

Continuous Process Improvement

PMC leads the Departments’ Continuous Process Improvement program, which uses Lean Six Sigma and proven program management practices to analyze Departmental processes, pilot improvements, and implement streamlined, re-engineered processes.  Process improvement projects have led the Department to experiment with new technologies such as robotics process automation.