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US Department of Labor recovers $11K for worker fired illegally for using federally protected medical leave by Los Angeles meat, poultry provider

Employer name:                   Commodity Sales Co.

Investigation site:                 517 S. Clarence St.

                                                   Los Angeles, CA 90033

Date:                                       October 2018 – October 2021

Investigation findings: U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division investigators found the Los Angeles slaughterhouse and packing company terminated an employee illegally, and violated the Family Medical Leave Act. After the worker took an FMLA-protected leave, Commodity Sales Co. terminated the worker illegally. The division determined that the employer failed to provide the worker with FMLA information prior to the leave and did not inform them of their FMLA protections. Investigators also found violations of employer policy review and recordkeeping provisions of FMLA.

Back Wages Recovered:       $11,209

“The Wage and Hour Division is committed to defending the rights of workers, especially those who are terminated unjustly for missing work due to their health issues,” said Assistant District Director Francisco Ocampo in Los Angeles. “As the outcome of this case shows, negligence can be costly for the employer.”

Background: Commodity Sales Co. has more than 50 workers in Los Angeles.

Wage and Hour Division
May 19, 2022
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Media Contact: Michael Petersen
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