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Biden-Harris administration announces groundbreaking AI principles for worker well-being

WASHINGTON — The Department of Labor today announced the release of a far-reaching set of principles that provide employers and developers that create and deploy artificial intelligence with guidance for designing and implementing these emerging technologies in ways that enhance job quality and protect workers’ rights.

Developed as a result of President Biden’s Executive Order on the Safe, Secure and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence, this initiative underscores the administration's commitment to ensuring AI technologies strengthen worker empowerment and well-being while addressing risks to workers.

“Workers must be at the heart of our nation’s approach to AI technology development and use,” said Acting Secretary Julie Su. “These principles announced today reflect the Biden-Harris administration’s belief that, in addition to complying with existing laws, artificial intelligence should also enhance the quality of work and life for all workers. As employers and developers implement these principles, we are determined to create a future where technology serves the needs of people above all.

Specifically, the AI principles emphasize ethical development; transparency in its use; meaningful worker engagement in system design, use, governance and oversight; protection of workers’ rights; and use of AI to enhance work.

The department remains committed to monitoring AI’s impact on the workforce and partnering with companies, unions, and other stakeholders to protect and empower workers. As part of this effort, the department will soon provide employers and developers with best practices to consider as they implement the AI principles. 


Office of the Secretary
May 16, 2024
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