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US Department of Labor announces availability of $12M in funding to promote workers’ rights in Brazil, Colombia, Peru

WASHINGTON The U.S. Department of Labor today announced an opportunity for up to $12 million in grant funding to strengthen democratic, independent workers’ organizations and help promote labor rights in supply chains in Brazil, Colombia and Peru. The project will focus on underserved communities and seek to advance gender and racial equity.

Administered by the department’s Bureau of International Labor Affairs, this opportunity will support a project to bolster unions and advocate for the full and free exercise of freedom of association and collective bargaining rights in the platform economy, and in Brazil’s agricultural or manufacturing industries, Colombia’s cut flowers and mining sectors, and in Peru’s agricultural, mining and light industries.

The project is part of the department’s Multilateral Partnership for Organizing, Worker Empowerment and Rights, an initiative to strengthen workplace democracy globally by supporting worker rights and empowerment through program and policy interventions.

Learn more about the funding opportunity.

Bureau of International Labor Affairs
August 30, 2022
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Media Contact: Christine Feroli
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