Letters from the President, Woodrow Wilson — to the Secretary of Labor, W.B. Wilson


page 20


February 20, 1917

My dear Mr. Secretary:

At the earliest possible moment you may be sure I shall give very careful study to the draft of a bill to create a commission on industrial arbitration and for other purposes, which you were kind enough to send me in your letter of yesterday. I have been in constant touch with the committees of the House on this subject and feel that it would be fruitless to propose a new measure at this session. I fear that no action of any kind will be taken and that fear is associated with very great anxiety as to what may be the result. I hope that you will send a copy of the draft bill to Judge Adamson and to Senator Newlands. I am sure they will wish to sutdy it at the same time that I do.

In haste, with warmest cordiality,

Sincerely yours,

Woodrow Wilson