Governance Board Name: Investment Review Board (IRB)
Program Code FPI: 012-044
Bureau Code: 012 

CIO Involvement Description: Chair of the Board, which has the following responsibilities: Vice Chair of the Committee and performs the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Accountable for the effective functioning of the IRB, in addition to advocating recommendations for final decisions. 
  • Ensures transparency with respect to expected and actual cost, timeliness, and performance (including up-front disclosure to agencies of anticipated assessments against their budgets); and ensures investment decisions are both cost-effective and have adequate resources and managerial support. 
  • Makes IT investment recommendations to the IRB based on business needs ensuring careful consideration of tradeoffs among competing priorities. 
  • Emphasizes and monitors performance and results of IT investments. 
  • Reviews, validates, and makes final decisions on DOL IT investments, taking into consideration available resources and departmental leadership direction. 

Governance Board Name: Information Technology Acquisitions Review Board 
Program Code FPI: 012-044
Bureau Code: 012

CIO Involvement Description: Chair of the Board which has the following responsibilities:

  • Perform an initial review of all acquisition related documents and evaluate the Department's proposed IT acquisitions to ensure: alignment with the Department's IT modernization efforts, strategic goals and objectives; and expenditures are aligned to DOL IT strategy and strategic sourcing opportunities
  • Eliminate duplication of IT initiatives to provide a better return on investment for technology expenditures across the Department.
  • Work closely with agencies on IT acquisition proposals and approval decisions to ensure investments are coordinated across the Department and funds are used effectively.
  • Create processes for ensuring all IT acquisitions comply with Section 508 accessibility guidelines, IPv6 standards, security protocols, and other Federal regulations and mandates addressing acquisitions.

Governance Board Name: Working Capital Fund (WCF) Advisory Board
Program Code FPI: 012-044
Bureau Code: 012

CIO Involvement Description: CIO is a permanent member of the board and has the following responsibilities:

  • Provides recommendations on the allocation of costs based on the allocation of agency use and benefit of the WCF services, reimbursement methodologies, service metrics, service level agreements, and WCF reforms.
  • Assesses and provides timely recommendations on services, programs, projects, and functional priorities and improvements.
  • Reviews programs, functions, projects and unanticipated projects (additional assessments), services, and activities to be performed and financed through the WCF.
  • Makes recommendations on annual budget resource allocations to be provided for projects financed by the unobligated balance of the WCF.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations on proposed WCF budget requests before the WCF budget is finalized or forwarded to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Governance Board Name: Enterprise Risk Management Council (ERMC)
Program Code FPI: 012-044
Bureau Code: 012

CIO Involvement Description: This is related to ICAM Governance Structure

  • DOL established Enterprise Risk Management Council (ERMC) an integrated agency-wide governance structure in support of its Enterprise Risk Management capability to effectively govern and enforce ICAM efforts.
  • The ERMC (governance) structure include personnel from the offices of the Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources, General Counsel, Chief Information Security Officer, Senior Agency Official for Privacy, Chief Acquisition Officer, and Senior Official(s) responsible for Physical Security.
  • ERMC is co-chaired by the Deputy Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, and Assistant Secretary for Administration.
  • An ICAM Working Group consisting of the Chief Information Security Officer, Acting Deputy Director Special Security Officer Insider Threat Program Coordinator will direct the ICAM activities under ERMC governance.

Governance Board Name: Data Integrity Board
Program Code FPI: 012-044
Bureau Code: 012

CIO Involvement Description: Secretary of the Board which has the following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining the official files on correspondence, OMB guidelines, procedures, matching agreements, annual reports, minutes of meetings and any other documentation pertinent to the Board and its activities.

Last updated: February 15, 2024