Common Reporting Information System (CRIS)

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and the Kansas Department of Commerce (KDOC) have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that enables ETA's national program grantees access to aggregate wage information through the State Wage Interchange System (SWIS) to calculate performance measure outcomes. This arrangement is the Common Reporting Information System (CRIS).

Currently, the following programs obtain aggregate wage information through CRIS:

  • Registered Apprenticeship Program;
  • Indian and Native American Program; 
  • Senior Community Service Employment Program;
  • National Farmworker Jobs Program;
  • Job Corps;
  • YouthBuild;
  • Reentry Employment Opportunities;
  • H-1B-funded Programs; 
  • National Dislocated Worker Grants; and
  • Strengthening Community Colleges Grants

CRIS Overview Flowchart

CRIS operates as follows:  

KDOC serves as an intermediary and accesses aggregate wage information on behalf of ETA’s national and discretionary grantees. 

The national and discretionary grantees send participant information to ETA, which sends that information to KDOC.  KDOC accesses wage records through the SWIS and then provides aggregate employment outcome information to ETA.

The diagram below depicts a high-level overview of CRIS.

CRIS Overview Flowchart



Note: The dashed-lines indicate lack of personally identifiable information.

Only Aggregate data are provided.