WIOA is landmark legislation that is designed to strengthen and improve our nation's public workforce system and help get Americans, including youth and those with significant barriers to employment, into high-quality jobs and careers and help employers hire and retain skilled workers.

All Things WIOA

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Technical Assistance & Stakeholder Engagement.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), in coordination with federal partners the U.S. Departments of Education (ED) and Health and Human Services (HHS), collaborated to provide information and resources for States, local areas, non-profits and other grantees, and other stakeholders to assist with WIOA enactment.

Two primary sites provide both the "What" and the "How" of WIOA.

What: Policy

DOL.gov/agencies/eta/wioa is your source for all things related to what is required under the law. You are here now - check out the links in the menu bar above to explore more on specific instructions and guidance related to WIOA enactment.

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The needs of businesses and workers drive workforce solutions and local boards are accountable to communities in which they are located


One-Stop Centers (or American Job Centers) provide excellent customer service to job seekers and employers and focus on continuous improvement The workforce system supports


The workforce system supports strong regional economies and plays an active role in community and workforce development

How: Technical Assistance

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Workforce GPS is an interactive online communication and learning technical assistance (TA) platform that was designed to communicate with and build the capacity of the public workforce investment system to develop and implement innovative approaches to workforce and economic development in the 21st Century economy.

This website offers TA resources, peer-to-peer connection, and supplements other guidance provided by ETA's national and regional staff to help the public workforce system, education professionals, and business ensure successful WIOA outcomes.

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Of special interest to WIOA Implementation efforts:

The Innovation and Opportunity Network (ION) on WorkforceGPS is your online learning and teaching community. ION is designed to support state and local workforce development boards, system professionals, and employers, helping you find the resources you need to successfully implement the vision of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). With links to the latest technical assistance and training tools, and numerous ways to engage with your peers across the country, ION helps you stay informed and connected as you navigate towards WIOA success.


June 16, 2021

Access to Current State WIOA Strategic Plans

To access, read, and/or download the current State Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Strategic Plans (2020-2023), please click here.

Users may also search these plans with key words/phrases of interest (e.g. apprenticeship, career pathways, eligible training providers, sector strategies, partnership, etc.)

December 18, 2019

Federal TA Webcasts: Requirements and Considerations for Unified and Combined Plans for 2020 - 2023
Read more about Requirements and Considerations for Unified and Combined Plans for 2020 - 2023

October 10, 2019

Planning Requirements for WIOA Unified and Combined State Plans (2020 - 2023)
Read more about Planning Requirements for WIOA Unified and Combined State Plans (2020 - 2023)

May 9, 2019

ETA Publishes Final PY 2019 Allotments Guidance Letter
ETA has issued Training and Employment Guidance Letter 16-18: Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Adult, Dislocated Worker and Youth Activities Program Allotments for Program Year (PY) 2019; Final PY 2019 Allotments for the Wagner-Peyser Act Employment Service (ES) Program Allotments; and the Allotments of Workforce Information Grants to States for PY 2019.
Read more about ETA Publishes Final PY 2019 Allotments