The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) Performance website will assist you in understanding how the workforce system measures, reports, and evaluates performance under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). ETA oversees the performance accountability provision of WIOA to obtain valid, accurate, and comparable results across states to inform policy and program decision making. ETA coordinates with the Department of Education on the establishment of WIOA indicators of performance, manages the Workforce Data Quality Initiative (WDQI), and oversees the maintenance of wage record exchange systems for state and other grantees to verify performance outcomes. The Performance website provides content on these three primary focus areas and resources to help grantees and stakeholders access information on WIOA results, reporting, and guidance.

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WIOA Performance Results at a Glance

Program Year 2018 (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019)

Participants Served


WIOA Adult

WIOA Dislocated Worker

WIOA Youth







Received Training





Primary Indicators of Performance

Employment Rate in the 2nd Quarter after Exit*





Employment Rate in the 4th Quarter after Exit*





Median Earnings in the 2nd Quarter after Exit





Credential Attainment Rate**





Measurable Skill Gains**





*This indicator also includes those who entered into a training or education program for the Youth program.
**Credential Rate and Measurable Skill Gains do not apply to the Wagner-Peyser program.
Source: PY 2018 WIOA National Performance Summary  (April 21, 2020) 

Note: The Effectiveness in Serving Employers indicator of performance has not yet been defined. The Departments of Labor and Education are currently piloting three approaches with states and will establish an official indicator in subsequent guidance. For information on these pilot measures and the other indicators please refer to the Primary Indicators of Performance resource page.

WIOA Success Story Feature of the Month

Denali at work

Denali entered the WIOA Youth program during her transitional phase of treatment for opiate addiction after a year and a half at an in-patient facility. Denali had dropped out of school in the seventh grade due to her addiction. Prior to the WIOA Youth program she had never held a job, had no career direction, and lacked basic adult life skills. Through a partnership between MYHouse, Nine Star, and Cook Inlet Tribal Council, the Youth program provided transitional housing and peer support to Denali. She enrolled in the Adult Basic Education program and earned her GED, gained work experience training at the MYHouse café, earned her barista certification, and developed positive work skills. Denali completed management training and is now employed as the sole café manager, responsible for training new interns and operations management.

Trends in Program Participants

Figure 1 shows the changes in the number of participants for each program from PY 2016 through PY 2018. The WIOA Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth, and Wagner-Peyser programs served over 5 million participants in PY 2018. The downward trend in participants continues in PY 2018 for the Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Wagner-Peyser programs. This trend is consistent with the trend in the national unemployment rate during this period. The WIOA Youth program, which is less tied to economic conditions, had an increase in participants in PY 2018.