Welcome to the Performance and Reporting Technical Assistance Page!

This page provides an overview of technical assistance resources and tools to help grantees navigate performance accountability and reporting requirements under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). Here you will find resources on program updates, indicators of performance, reporting requirements, policy guidance, performance results and data, and other performance reporting information related to WIOA and the workforce development system. Follow the links below to find specific tools and resources.

WIOA, which supersedes the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, presents an extraordinary opportunity to improve job and career options for our nation's workers and job seekers through an integrated, job-driven public workforce system that links diverse talent to businesses. It supports the development of strong, vibrant regional economies where businesses thrive and people want to live and work.

ETA has organized the technical assistance content on this site by:

  1. Data-related resources;
  2. Reporting-related resources;
  3. Performance Results-related resources;
  4. Workforce Integrated Performance System-related resources; and
  5. Other resources.


ETA introduced WorkforceGPS specifically for workforce professionals, educators, and business leaders. Here you will find useful webinars and training resources, promising workforce development practices, and evidence-based research to help you navigate and improve your state’s performance reporting.

The WorkForceGPS Performance Reporting community provides technical assistance to grantees operating WIOA and ETA employment and training programs, particularly for those practitioners responsible for reporting on performance or making policy involving performance. As ETA identifies new technical assistance needs, new content will be developed and added to this site.


TrainingProviderResults.gov helps further the U.S. Department of Labor’s mission of providing high-quality job training and enhanced employment opportunities to the American workforce. This website aims to help individuals make informed career training choices based on the program’s completion and employment results, make the best use of their Individual Training Account (ITA) funds, and assist American Job Center staff compare the quality of programs offered by approved training providers.  For an overview of the website, please go to the tutorial video to help you start your search.

Data-related Technical Assistance Tools

These resources provide support for grantees, stakeholders, and the public to understand WIOA data and reporting requirements and outcomes.

Workforce Integrated Performance System (WIPS)

Find the technical assistance resources you need to help you access and utilize WIPS.