Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Annual Statewide Performance Report Narrative Success Stories

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires states to submit a WIOA Annual Statewide Performance Report Narrative highlighting the progress of the state in meeting their strategic vision and goals for their workforce development system. Many states highlight success stories that focus attention on achievements of program participants.

This webpage features success stories submitted by states via the Statewide Performance Report Narrative, and includes publications that list all success stories that were submitted.

PY 2021 WIOA Success Story Feature of the Month



When Zack first entered the Dislocated Worker program, his parents explained it as a last resort to try and motivate their son to become more communicative and independent. Zack had been struggling with mental health issues since middle school and as a result, barely spoke or socialized with anyone while in school, or since he graduated. He did not have the energy or social understanding to socialize in person or enter the workforce. He was living with his parents with no plans for a career, to get his driver’s license, or move out on his own. Zack was barely communicative with Staff upon starting, and it was challenging to create plans because of his limited feedback.

Through many months of consistent meetings and case management to remove barriers, Zack has now transformed. Zack has removed significant personal barriers by going back to seeing a counselor regularly. This has helped him learn the tools to put himself in new experiences and become more comfortable speaking with others and showing his personality. Staff have seen him become more and more communicative and has even been smiling and cracking jokes in recent months. A complete change from the beginning!

Zack has always had excellent attendance with Staff and because of that, many skills have been tackled and accomplished. Zack has completed his PEWMS and has obtained a Measurable Skill Gain. Zack has learned many other independent adult skills such as doing his own laundry, how to grocery shop, budget his expenses, build his credit score, be a good roommate, prepare healthy meals, and study for the written driver’s exam.

With all the successes from his counseling sessions and My Turn appointments, Zack has succeeded in obtaining his first job and saving up enough to move out of his parent’s house. He is living with his friend in their own apartment. Zack’s full-time job not only covers all of his expenses but allows him to save each month as well. Zack will be taking his DMV written exam in the month of January and will begin driving lessons this month as well. Staff could not be prouder of his progress and know with these barriers removed, his future has many more options available to him -- they cannot wait to see what he accomplishes next! 

WIOA Success Stories

The publications linked below highlights success stories and provides valuable examples of how states are implementing WIOA to help job seekers gain employment.