Workforce Integrated Performance System

  • Only approved Users with passwords may access the system
  • This system is covered by Title 18, U.S. Code Section 1030
  • To request WIPS access, account or password reset, or account deactivation, please follow the following link:
    WIPS Technical Assistance Request
  • (NEW) For more information on using WIPS, check out the WIPS User Walkthrough video series

PIRL 2021 Implementation Resources

WIPS Release Notes and WIPS Edit Checks

WIPS Release Notes

WIPS Edit Checks (Includes Duplicate Rules, Logical Rules and Valid Values)

Workforce Development Boards (WDB) Reporting Codes

WDB Codes (PY2000-PY2019)

Schema(s) for the WIPS (Includes PIRL 2018, PIRL 2020, and PIRL 2021)

WIPS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These Frequently Asked Questions answer the most common questions to date. Questions include information on:

  • Quarterly Performance Report (QPR) Uploads
  • Technical Assistance
  • Edit Checks
  • Certification and Errors
  • General Questions