Workforce Integrated Performance System

WIPS Schema

Before a file can be submitted in WIPS, it must be formatted correctly. This means that the file must have the correct number of columns, based on the appropriate schema for your program. To determine the correct number and appropriate order of columns for your file, check the WIPS Schema document below to find the schema(s) that your program office has directed you to use. Note that the PIRL 2018 and PIRL 2020 schemas can no longer be used for current and future quarters.

WIPS Edit Checks

Once the file is in the correct format it can be submitted into WIPS. When a PIRL file is submitted in the correct schema format, WIPS runs the file through a series of edit checks that fall into three categories: Valid Value, Duplicate Records, and Logical Value Edit Checks. A file must pass all applicable edit checks in order to generate a report that can be certified. Submitted files pass through edit checks in sequence. First valid value checks must be passed, then duplicate check and logical checks. Duplicate and logical checks will not be processed until the file passes valid value checks. 

See the files below for the latest version of the edit checks. When edit checks are updated it will be noted in the monthly WIPS Newsletter that follows the WIPS release where the change was made.

Valid Values

Valid Values verify the input of each field of data entered for format, length and in some cases value input. Valid Value errors are displayed in WIPS in the Total Errors column in the EDIT CHECK RESULTS tab.

Duplicate Rules

Duplicate Rules ensure the validity of multiple records on the same individual. Duplicate errors are displayed in WIPS in the Total Duplicates column in the EDIT CHECK RESULTS tab.

Logical Rules

Logical Rules are analytical validations to ensure data is accurately entered, including fields that are required which is typically dependent on the data entered in other fields. Logical errors are displayed in WIPS in the Total Errors column in the EDIT CHECK RESULTS tab.

WIOA Performance Reporting Templates

Once a PIRL file passes all edit checks, the individual records are aggregated into the appropriate reports. The latest OMB approved templates for these various reports, as well as element definitions for the elements in the PIRL (ETA-9172), can be found on the Performance Reporting Page.

ETP Reporting - WIPS Resources

Eligible Training Provider (ETP) Reports are also submitted to ETA through WIPS. These reports are submitted in a separate WIPS module, using a similar process as described above. WIPS first checks for the correct format/schema, then runs the file through a series of edit checks before finally aggregating a file that can be certified. The files below contain these schemas, edit checks, summary report templates, and related resources. 



Workforce Development Boards (WDB) Reporting Codes

WDB Codes (PY2000-PY2019)

Local Workforce Board Code Management Tool Guide