WIOA Title I and III Annual Report Data: Program Year 2018

Programmatic performance data is important for all workforce system partners, stakeholders such as State and Local Workforce Development Boards (WDBs), and the public to better understand workforce system operations, enhance services, and pursue continuous improvement for services to job seekers and employers.  ETA invites you to learn more about our programs, services, and outcomes. Access these maps for ETA-9169 State level data including WIOA title I Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth programs as well as title III Wagner-Peyser data. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) requires titles I and III programs to submit programmatic performance data to the Department of Labor (WIOA sec. 116 (d)); states report data annually through the ETA-9169 (OMB Control Number 1205-0526) reporting template. 

Instructions:   Select a state on the map or the table to view a quick snapshot of key data points for each state. For more detailed information use the table tab to drill down to individual performance indicators by state, see national information, compare programs, and view multiple states’ data, and download information. 

WIOA National Quarterly Reports

WIOA Individual Performance Records (Public Use Data)

The WIOA Individual Performance Records are submitted by states to ETA on both a quarterly and annual basis. The WIOA Individual Performance Record files contain detailed information on program completers (i.e., exiters), including demographics, types of services received, and outcomes attained as a result of participating in the program. You can view the quarterly public file, explore the national Data Books, which contain "slices and dices" of performance information available in the WIOA Individual Performance Records, and view broad summaries of the performance information through the WIOA National Performance Summaries. Please review the WIOA Performance Records Public Use File Disclaimer before accessing the files.

WIOA Individual Performance Records (Public Use Data)
PY 2018, Q3 WIOA Individual Performance Records
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WIOA Individual Performance Records Archive

WIOA Quarterly Data Book

WIOA Quarterly Data Book

PY 2019, Q2

WIOA and Wagner Peyser Q2 (pdf)

WIOA and Wagner Peyser Q2 (xlsx)

PY 2019, Q1

WIOA and Wagner Peyser Q1 (pdf)

WIOA and Wagner Peyser Q1 (xlsx)

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WIOA Annual Data Book

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WIOA Trends Over Time

WIOA State Annual Reports and Summaries