Join us in honoring essential workers

Join us in honoring essential workers

To honor the tireless efforts of those who have kept us moving forward during the pandemic, we are inducting the Essential Workers of the COVID-19 Pandemic into the U.S. Department of Labor Hall of Honor, and we need your help.

Visit to tell us about an essential worker who helped you during the pandemic and who deserves recognition.

This Labor Day, we're celebrating America's workers and looking to the future

This is a Labor Day like no other. As we continue to address the pandemic, we're honoring the resiliency of our workforce while building a future that empowers all workers. We stand with America’s workers — and the unions that support them. 

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WATCH: Secretary Walsh's Labor Day discussions

Secretary Walsh is meeting with workers, employers and advocates across the country to discuss how we can build a future that empowers all workers. Watch his conversations here and stay tuned for more.

What we've done

Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act, we've seen job growth and increased stability for businesses, families and communities. As we look to the future, we have a lot to be optimistic about.


Jobs added to the economy since President Biden took office


Recovered in back wages by the Wage and Hour Division between Jan. 20, 2020 and Aug. 27, 2021


Invested in job training and employment services for America's workers since Jan. 20, 2021


Final rules issued, both rescinding prior rules and implementing new ones in order to improve workers' health, safety and economic security

Our commitment to workers

We're committed to empowering and supporting workers in every type of career and at every stage of life — morning, noon and night. 

Morning: Investing in the nation's care economy

Morning: Investing in the nation's care economy

We are building the care infrastructure needed to ensure workers have the opportunity and support to thrive in their jobs. Whether staying at home to care for a sick family member or getting access to mental health resources, no one should have to risk their job to care for themselves or a loved one. We are also committed to ensuring care workers are valued, trained and paid fairly for the critical work they do.  

Noon: Building a modern, inclusive workforce

We are focused on building a future where everyone has access to jobs that are safe, pay a fair wage and are free of discrimination. We are empowering workers to take a seat at the table and have a say in their work, and are encouraging employers to create new opportunities for advancement. 

Noon: Building a modern, inclusive workforce
Night: Supporting a lifetime of worker empowermen

Night: Supporting a lifetime of worker empowerment

We are committed to ensuring that the loss of a job doesn't lead to the loss of financial well-being. That means making sure everyone can save for retirement, has access to health care, and that if something goes wrong, they have the support they need to get through it. 

WATCH: One-On-One with Secretary Walsh

Secretary Walsh speaks with carpentry apprentice Joshua Nelson about what makes this Labor Day unique and what the department is doing to support workers like him.

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Happy Labor Day.

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"From investing in a care economy that allows workers to thrive in their jobs while caring for their families, to building a more inclusive workforce and ensuring that the loss of a job doesn't mean the loss of financial well-being, we stand with America's workers — and the unions that support them." 

— U.S. Labor Secretary Marty Walsh

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