The department invites credentialed members of the media to join its email distribution of national media releases. To request addition(s) to our media distribution list(s), send your email address, title and telephone number; and the name and URL of your media outlet to

IMPORTANT: Do not submit media inquiries or other concerns to this address as they will not be reviewed on a timely basis and not receive the attention needed.

All other issues (i.e., questions or concerns from the general public, sales pitches, etc.) must be directed to the department's National Contact Center.

Media Inquiries: Send direct all media inquiries to the Office of Public Affairs.

  • Main line: 202-693-4676; after work hours: 202-738-2680
  • Egan Reich, director of media and editorial services: 202-738-2680
  • Secretary interview requests: 202-693-4676
  • Local inquiries: Contact our Regional Public Affairs' offices

Please direct inquiries to all press officers listed below for the topic or agency in which you’re interested:

Earnings & Benefits

Wage and Hour Division (Wages, Paid and Medical Leave, Breaks and Meal Periods)

Employee Benefits Security Administration (Retirement, Healthcare Plans)

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (Hiring Discrimination, Discriminatory Firing)

Office of Labor-Management Standards (Labor Unions)

Safety & Health

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Workplace Safety, Whistleblowers)

Mine Safety and Health Administration (Mines, Mine Safety)

Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (Workers' Compensation)

Training & Opportunity

Employment and Training Administration (Unemployment Insurance, Apprenticeship, Job Corps, Job Training, Foreign Labor Certification)

Office of Disability Employment Policy (Disability Resources)

Veterans' Employment and Training Services (Veterans Job Training)

Women's Bureau (Working Women)

Bureau of International Labor Affairs (International Labor Issues)

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Department-Wide Services

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration & Management

Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs

Office of the Solicitor of Labor