Letters from the President, Woodrow Wilson — to the Secretary of Labor, W.B. Wilson


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November 19, 1919

My dear Mr. Secretary:

In accordance with suggestions given me by the Public Group of the recent industrial conference, I am calling a new body together to carry on this vitally important work, and I trust you will give me the pleasure of naming you as one of its members.

Guided by the experience of the last conference I have thought it advisable that in this new body there should be no recognition of distinctive groups, but that all of the new representatives should have concern that our industries may be conducted with such regard for justice and fair dealing that the workman will feel himself induced to put forth his best effort, that the employer will have an encouraging profit, and that the public will not suffer at the hands of wither class. It is my hope that this conference may lay the foundation for the development of standards and machinery within our industries by which these results may attached.

It is not expected that you will deal directly with any condition which exists today, but that you may be fortunto enough to find such ways as will avoid the repetition of these conditions.

The conference will meet at a place to be hereafter designated in this city on the 1st of December next.

Cordially and sincerely yours,

Woodrow Wilson