Hall of Secretaries: George P. Shultz

George P. Shultz
Portrait Artist: C.J. Fox

Tenure: January 22, 1969 to July 1, 1970

From New York; Princeton graduate; Marine Corps Captain in World War II in the Pacific. Graduate study (Ph.D.) and professor at MIT. President's Council of Economic Advisors; Dean of Chicago University School of Business Administration.

Appointed by Richard Nixon. Promoted revenue sharing manpower programs, reduction of poverty. Supported comprehensive manpower system to integrate planning and allocation of resources. Proposed the Manpower Training Bill of 1969, which was a precursor of manpower legislation to follow. New computer technology was used to develop job banks to match jobless men and women with employment opportunities. He provided leadership in encouraging equal employment opportunities, specifically through the "Philadelphia Plan" for non discrimination in federal construction projects.

Went on to serve as Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Secretary of the Treasury, and Secretary of State.





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