Hall of Secretaries: Elizabeth Hanford Dole

Elizabeth Hanford Dole
Portrait Artist: Everett R. Kinstler

Tenure: January 25, 1989 to November 23, 1990

From North Carolina; B.A. Duke University, M.A. Harvard, J.D. Harvard Law School. Served six presidents. Positions included: Deputy Director of White House Office of Consumer Affairs, Federal Trade Commissioner, Assistant to President for Public Liaison, Secretary of Transportation.

Appointed by George Bush. Negotiated raise in minimum wage and youth training wage. Appointed Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills which prepared national competency guidelines. Initiated efforts to break the "glass ceiling" restricting movement of women and minorities into high executive positions. Obtained agreement by parties to Pittston, VA, coal strike to accept mediation which led to settlement.

Resigned to become president of the American Red Cross.





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