TAA Practitioner Resources

To facilitate the administration of the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Program by state and local practitioners, these resources are designed to provide technical assistance and information on the petition process, benefits and services, finance/fiscal, and reporting.


The Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance (OTAA) conducts a number of live and recorded events to provide information to state grantees to help in the administration of the TAA Program. Topics include working with trade-affected workers, promising practices, petition filing, eligibility, participant reporting, and financial reporting. It also provides information on where to find the discussion forum and how to join our "ask me anything" (AMA) and scheduled chat sessions.

Petition Technical Assistance

Petition technical assistance resources go beyond the petition FAQ. It is designed to cover advanced topics such as amendment processes, staffed workers (leased workers), how to read a TAA determination, International Trade Commission (ITC) determinations, and other topics.

Outreach Technical Assistance

Outreach technical assistance resources help Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) practitioners conduct outreach to better identify trade affected layoffs, get worker list information, and reach eligible participants.

Benefits Technical Assistance

Benefit technical assistance resources provide information and resources on how to administer TAA Program benefits and services and how they work in conjunction with benefits and services provided under other programs.

Participant Reporting

Participant reporting technical assistance provides information to state grantees on reporting TAA participants through the Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL). This includes links to key resources, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheets on various reporting topics, resources on data validation and the TAA Data Integrity (TAADI) process, and on reporting Efforts to Improve Outcomes.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting technical assistance provides resources regarding TAA Program reporting on grant expenditure information through the ETA-9130 as well as the process for states to request Reserve Funds from the program. The basics of the TAA grant structure and TAA allocation data is available on the financial data page.

TAAACS Reporting

Technical assistance resources regarding TAA state administrative reporting through the TAA Administrative Collection of States (TAAACS) are available on the TAAACS Reporting page.