Benefits and Services Technical Assistance for TAA Practitioners

This benefits and services technical assistance page is intended to provide details on how benefits and services operate for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) practitioners.  For information of the benefits and services available, including comparisons between versions of the program, see the Benefits and Services page.

Special TAA Benefit and Service Topics

  • TAA COVID-19 Q&A provides information on common questions regarding the TAA Program during the COVID-19 pandemic.

TAA Brochure

The TAA Brochure can be used in electronic or print form to introduce the TAA Program.

Work-Based Learning

The TAA Program can provide work-based learning opportunities including on-the-job training (OJT), customized training, and apprenticeships.  Here are a few resources to help states address common questions regarding TAA and work-based learning.

  • TAA and OJT FAQ provides information about On-The-Job Training (OJT) and TAA including frequently asked questions and how to overcome myths and barriers to integrating OJT into TAA.

  • TAA/Apprenticeship Fact Sheet provides information on how TAA works with Apprenticeship.

TAA Co-Enrollment

Co-enrollment of TAA participants with other applicable workforce programs such as WIOA Dislocated Worker and WIOA Adult are critical to integrated service delivery and ensuring participants have access to the services needed.  Here are some resources that you might find helpful in improving program coordination and co-enrollment.

  • Perceived Barriers of Cost & Performance - this document discusses the perceived cost and performance barriers to co-enrollment with the WIOA Dislocated Worker program. Also included are scenarios to help practitioners increase co-enrollment.

  • Perceived Barriers of Eligibility and Benefits/Services - this document discusses the perceived eligibility and benefit/service provision barriers to co-enrollment with the WIOA Dislocated Worker program. Also included are scenarios to help practitioners increase co-enrollment.

Information on how to report co-enrollment with the TAA Program can be found on our Participant Reporting page.

Rapid Response

Coordination between TAA and Rapid Response is important to reach affected workers and identify trade-affected layoffs.  Current Rapid Response State Coordinators can be found here.

Discussion Forum for TAA Practitioners

Administering TAA Program benefits and services frequently require practitioners to compare and discuss approaches with one another.  To that end, a forum is available on WorkforceGPS to ask questions and find peer support.