The Department reports to Congress annually on the current state of the TAA Program. The current and historic reports since FY 2009 can be found below.  In addition, the Department's reports to the President on domestic industries for certain types of International Trade Commission investigations can be found here.  Research and evaluation reports concerning the TAA Program are posted here.


Annual Reports to Congress

Annual Reports
Fiscal Year Annual Report
2021 AnnualReport21.pdf
2020 AnnualReport20.pdf
2019 AnnualReport19.pdf
2018 AnnualReport18.pdf
2017 AnnualReport17.pdf
2016 AnnualReport16.pdf
2015 AnnualReport15.pdf
2014 AnnualReport14.pdf
2013 AnnualReport13.pdf
2012 AnnualReport12.pdf
2011 AnnualReport11.pdf
2010 AnnualReport10.pdf
2009 AnnualReport09.pdf