TAA Data Overview

The TAA program collects and analyzes data on TAA group eligibility (petitions and determinations), TAA participants, and funding. For an overview of the TAA program, our Annual Reports to Congress, or industry studies conducted by the Department, see our About Us page. Find ETA Research publications by visiting the Trade Adjustment Assistance Research Publications page. Requests for data not already available on this website must be submitted through a FOIA request.

Our State Overview provides information on the TAA Program for each state.

We post general program statistics by state for each fiscal year (running from October to September) along with the report to Congress each fiscal year.

General Program Statistics by State
Fiscal Year Statistics Annual Report
2020 2020 AnnualReport20.pdf
2019 2019 AnnualReport19.pdf
2018 2018 AnnualReport18.pdf
2017 2017 AnnualReport17.pdf
2016 2016 AnnualReport16.pdf
2015 2015 AnnualReport15.pdf
2014 2014 AnnualReport14.pdf
2013 2013 AnnualReport13.pdf
2012 2012 AnnualReport12.pdf
2011 2011 AnnualReport11.pdf
2010 2010 AnnualReport10.pdf
2009 Not Available AnnualReport09.pdf

For quarterly data and analysis of current program trends derived from that data, please see Data on TAA Participants.