TAA State Administration Data

Innovations in how State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) manage and administer the TAA Program are critical to meeting the needs of workers. The Department works to identify promising practices and help share what is working with states to promote making the program as effective as possible. While many of the unique things that state partners are identified through continuous conversations between state and federal partners, comprehensive collection of state efforts and state administration are critical to understanding where we need to dig deeper into what makes state processes successful.

Two comprehensive collections have been established to understand how SWAs are administering the program to capture both qualitative and quantitative data on state practices.


Efforts to Improve Outcomes

SWAs provide a short narrative each quarter discussing what activities they are working on to improve the TAA Program (OMB 1205-0392, Form ETA-9173). These Efforts to Improve Outcomes (xlsx) are posted so that other SWAs and the public understand what new initiatives are being undertaken. Note that these responses are reviewed and edited to remove any protected information.


TAA Administrative Collection of States (TAAACS)

In the fall of each year since 2021, states provide discrete and quantitative data on state practices on the TAA Administrative Collection of States (TAAACS) (OMB 1205-0540, Form ETA-9189). Data is collected across seven subject areas of state practice: state organization and staffing, outreach, benefits and services, integration with other workforce programs, IT systems and reporting, training for state TAA staff, and barriers and technical assistance needs. Additionally, the collection gathers information on worker list numbers and notification numbers. Download this data.


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