Petitions and Determinations Data

For workers to be eligible for TAA benefits and services, the affected group of workers must be certified as eligible to apply for TAA benefits. To begin this process, a petition must be filed with the Department. Once a petition is filed, the Department collects information to determine if the group of workers meets the eligibility criteria.  Broadly, the information includes the name and location of the worker group, industry, number of workers, and information on the Office of Trade Adjustment Assistance (OTAA)'s determination such as when it was made, what period it covers, and under what basis we determined eligibility.


Data is available on TAA petition determinations from 1975 to Present through:

  • TAA Petition Search - This allows one to search for TAA petition status by features such as date, location, and status. This report also provides links to the redacted petition and determination document, when available.
  • Downloadable Data on Petitions - This downloadable Excel document provides detailed petition data for determined petitions. Data is updated monthly with a one month lag. This data is accurate as of 01/31/2023.
  • NEW! TAA's petition data is now available on DOL's API portal.  The site includes code examples, notes on utilizing the API, data dictionaries, and more.

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This dashboard can be used to get petition statistics for specific time periods and locations. If you are having trouble viewing this information, please download the petition dataset at the link above and use the Statistics tab to get these results.

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