Performance and Reporting

Under 20 CFR 658.602, the National Monitor Advocate (NMA) must draft an Annual Report. The NMA must monitor and assess State Workforce Agency (SWA) compliance with Employment Service (ES) regulations affecting migrant and seasonal farmworkers (MSFW) on a continuing basis. His/her assessment must consider:

  1. Information from RMAs and SMAs;
  2. Program performance data, including the service indicators;
  3. Periodic reports from regional offices;
  4. All Federal on-site reviews;
  5. Selected State on-site reviews;
  6. Other relevant reports prepared by the ES;
  7. Information received from farmworker organizations and employers; and
  8. His/her personal observations from visits to SWAs, ES offices, agricultural work sites, and migrant camps. In the Annual Report, the NMA must include both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of his/her findings and the implementation of his/her recommendations by State and Federal officials, and must address the information obtained from all of the foregoing sources.
  9. The NMA must review the activities of the State/Federal monitoring system as it applies to services to MSFWs and the Complaint System including the effectiveness of the regional monitoring function in each region and must recommend any appropriate changes in the operation of the system. The NMA's findings and recommendations must be fully set forth in the Annual Report.

Significant MSFW States And One-Stop Centers Designations

Annual Reports

NMA PY 2020 Annual Report