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Office of Labor-Management Standards
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Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS)

Help for the OLMS Electronic Forms System

The Registration Help page offers general information about registering for EFS. You can download a tutorial on registering with EFS here: EFS Registration Tutorial (Powerpoint Show format - 806 KB)

PowerPoint Presentations -- guide users through the process of preparing and completing the form, providing instructions and navigation tips to help you download the form, enter information directly onto the form, import data files extracted from the union's accounting system into the form, and sign and submit the form.

Online Help System -- The EFS Form itself includes an online help system. To view help for a specific item or field, hover your mouse over a field to display a pop-up help message. To access the form instructions for the page you are on, click on the "Help" link at the top of the page.

Form Instructions -- Form Instructions provide specific item-by-item instructions for completing the form. Instructions for each page of the form are available via a link at the top of the form page. You can also download a full set of form instructions in PDF format:

Technical Specifications for importing electronic data into the form will help unions convert their financial data into a format that can be imported into their form if they so choose.

Form LM-2 EFS Webinar (Flash Video FLV - 4 GB) – this webinar held July 15th, 2010 introduces and demonstrates EFS features.

Form LM-3 EFS Webinar (YouTube Video) - March 1, 2017

Form LM-4 EFS Webinar (YouTube Video) - March 6, 2017

If you have difficulty navigating the software, or have questions about its functions and features, you can get help in the following ways:

  • Call the OLMS Help Desk at 1-866-401-1109 (toll free) for technical EFS questions, such as those involving your PIN or signature
  • Email non-EFS questions, including reporting questions, to or call (202) 693-0123

Last Updated: 1-2-18