OLMS administers a comprehensive reporting and disclosure program.  Each union subject to the LMRDA is required to file an initial information report (Form LM-1) and copies of their constitution and bylaws. Unions must also file annual financial reports (Forms LM-2, LM-3, or LM-4) with OLMS each year, disclosing their assets, liabilities, receipts and disbursements, and parent unions must file reports (LM-15, LM 15(A), and LM-16) if they place a subordinate union in trusteeship. Additionally, other entities and individuals—employers (LM-10), labor relations consultants (LM-20 and LM-21), union officers and employees (LM-30), and surety companies (S-1)—are required to file reports under specified circumstances, such as for payments made by employers to labor relations consultants to persuade employees as to their collective bargaining rights.

Notice: Advisory on Union Officer Elections and Public Disclosure Reporting in Areas Affected by COVID-19 and Natural Disasters


Last Updated: 3-14-24