Office of Labor Management Standards Organizational Chart

Acting Director
Andrew Auerbach

Deputy Director
Andrew Auerbach

Division of Enforcement
Tracy Shanker, Chief

Division of Interpretations and Standards
  Andrew R. Davis, Chief

Division of Planning, Management and Technology
Terri Thomas, Chief

Office of Program Operations
  Lorenzo D. Harrison, Director

Division of Reports, Disclosure & Audits
James Haskins, Chief

Office of Field Operations
 Brian Pifer, Director

Northeastern Region
Andriana Vamvakas, Regional Director
Boston-Buffalo District Office
New York District Office
Philadelphia-Pittsburgh District Office

Southern Region
Daniel Cherry, Regional Director
Atlanta-Nashville District Office
Dallas-New Orleans District Office
Washington District Office

Central Region
Dan LaFond, Regional Director
Chicago District Office
Cincinnati-Cleveland District Office
Detroit-Milwaukee District Office

Western Region
Emily Prosise, Regional Director
Denver-St. Louis District Office
Los Angeles District Office
San Francisco-Seattle District Office



Last Updated: 9-01-20