The Electronic Forms System (EFS) is the Office of Labor-Management Standards’ (OLMS) web-based system that enables labor organizations, their officials, employers, and labor relations consultants to complete and submit LM reports to OLMS. Currently, EFS is available for use by Forms LM-1, LM-2, LM-3, LM-4, LM-10, LM-15, LM-15A, LM-16, LM-20, LM-21 and LM-30, as well as simplified annual reports, filers.

Access the OLMS EFS to register for an EFS User ID and password, obtain a union PIN, as well as edit your account information or retrieve your existing password or User ID. By accessing the OLMS EFS, you can also obtain, work on, or sign and submit an LM form. For more information on registering with EFS, see the Registration Help page.

EFS allows anyone with a web-enabled computer to complete, sign, and electronically file a Form LM-1, LM-2, LM-3, LM-4, LM-10, LM-15, LM-15A, LM-16, LM-20, LM-21 and LM-30, as well as a simplified annual report, without purchasing a digital signature or downloading special software. EFS performs all calculations for the LM report and completes a form error check prior to submission to OLMS. EFS also allows unions that maintain electronic accounting records to import financial data from their accounting programs directly into the Form LM-2 or LM-3 they are completing.

Additional Information: Forms LM-1, LM-2, LM-3, and LM-4 Labor Organization Annual Reports, Trusteeship ReportsForms LM-10, LM-20, and LM-21, and Form LM-30.

Notice: Advisory on Union Officer Elections and Public Disclosure Reporting in Areas Affected by COVID-19 and Natural Disasters


Last Updated: 7-27-23