Electronic Forms System (EFS) is the Office of Labor-Management Standards’ (OLMS) web-based reporting system for filing electronic reports. Specifically, the labor organization information report Form LM-1, the labor organization annual Forms LM-2, LM-3, and LM-4 reports, the Form LM-30 Labor Organization Officer and Employee report, the Form LM-10 Employer report, and the Form LM-20 and LM-21 labor relations consultant reports can be filed electronically. To use EFS, a filing organization will select a representative to register with EFS online and obtain a unique Private Identification Number (PIN) or Access Key for that entity. The representative will then distribute this PIN or Access Key to any individuals who will need access to prepare, review, or sign the LM Forms. This will safeguard access to the filer’s forms and data.

To maintain access to the organization’s file, a filing organization must re-apply for a new PIN or Access Key every year, as the current PIN or Access Key will expire prior to the start of the next filing period. Further, if an active PIN or Access Key becomes compromised, OLMS can cancel that PIN or Access Key and issue a new one.  Each user, including officials responsible for signing the form, will need to register for an EFS individual user account and password to gain access to the system. Individual users need to register only once: after they have an account established in the system, users can log in with the union PIN or Access Key and union LM file number to access the LM reports. Preparers such as accountants who have registered for an individual user account will be able to access multiple union forms with their user accounts, provided they have the correct union PIN or Access Key for each filer. Because the system is web-based, the form can be easily accessed by multiple individuals in different locations, making preparing and digitally signing the form much simpler. The form can be prepared over a period of time and saved in draft before submission. The system performs a series of validation checks to help the filer ensure all data is completed.

  Note: When uploading supporting documents, EFS will only accept the following file formats:

    • Adobe PDF
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Rich Text Format
    • HTML
    • Standard Picture formats JPEG, GIF
    • Text files

To sign the report, an officer will be required to attest to the data on the report and use his or her name and password as the verification mechanism. Once signed, the completed report can be electronically submitted to OLMS.

In smaller unions and consultant firms one person may end up serving as the representative who registers the filing entity with EFS and the preparer, as well as a signing officer.  Each officer who must sign the form will need to register for and establish an individual user account.



Last Updated: 08-27-20