The first step for using EFS is to register with the system. Individual users and labor organizations must both complete the registration process before an LM report can be accessed.

Registering an Individual User:

There are two types of individual users

  • Preparers – users who prepare the form (accountants, administrative assistants, officers, etc.)

  • Signing Officials – union officers who will be required to sign the form.

An individual user must identify as either a signing official or a preparer when registering with EFS and will choose a unique username and password during the registration process. If you are a signing official who will also be preparing a form, please identify yourself as a signing official.

EFS guides users through the registration process step-by-step. Upon successful registration EFS will send an email confirmation to the email address provided during registration.

Obtaining a PIN for Labor Organization

Labor organizations must first obtain a PIN (Private Identification Number) in order to obtain their LM form. Upon completing the registration process, OLMS will email a unique PIN to the email address provided during the PIN registration process as well as mail that information in a letter to the labor organization’s address provided during registration.

Note: Labor organizations that are required to file a Form LM-2 must register with EFS and submit their LM report using the new system. With the inception of the new EFS system, LM-2 filers are no longer required to purchase and use digital signatures.

To sign and submit a report, each signing official must enter his/her unique User ID and password, the union’s LM file number, and the union’s unique PIN.

How to Register

You can register for EFS here.

You can download a tutorial on registering with EFS here: EFS Registration Tutorial (Powerpoint Show format - 806 KB)

If you experience problems or have questions about registering with EFS, call the OLMS Help Desk at (toll-free) 1-866-401-1109. You may also send such questions by email to:


Last Updated: 08-25-20