The Private Identification Number (PIN) is a unique number assigned to each union as a way to securely allow only those persons who should have access to complete and submit reports with the Office of Labor-Management Standards’ Electronic Forms System (EFS).

Each union should select one representative to register with EFS online and obtain the PIN for that Union. Once a union PIN has been requested, a confirmation email containing the PIN will be sent to the representative. At the same time, letter will also be sent to the union confirming issuance of this PIN.

The Union Representative should then distribute this PIN to any individuals who will need access to prepare, review, or sign the LM Forms. This will safeguard unauthorized access to the Union’s forms and data. Preparers such as accountants will be able to access multiple union forms, provided they have the correct union PIN and an EFS account.

Unions will need to obtain a new PIN every year to further prevent unauthorized access to union files. In addition, if a PIN becomes compromised, a new PIN can be issued by contacting our Forms Help Desk at 1-866-401-1109.

Last Updated: 03/07/11