The Data Specification Document, and the accompanying files, is intended for technical users responsible for creating data access or data transformation methods supporting Form LM-2 and Form LM-3 filing requirements. Primary "technical users" include software analysts, software developers, information engineers, and data managers. This document helps guide technical users through the process of creating data access or transformation tools, or data preparation. It is assumed that technical users have prior experience using data definition mechanisms, including XML schemas and/or comma separated value file specifications.

The Data Specifications Document (DSD) will not be used by all filers. Some unions, particularly smaller unions that do not have an in-house or contracted technology staff, instead may elect to manually enter information directly into the forms. The DSD will be used by those unions that choose to create import files to populate the report.

The Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) is prepared to offer compliance assistance to help filers create the file formats described in this document. If you have general questions about Form LM-2 or Form LM-3 filing requirements or specific questions about this document, you may send an e-mail to or call OLMS at (202) 693-0123.

Data Specification Document (pdf)

Data Import Kit (zip file)

When you download this folder and unzip it, a directory called "Data Import Kit" will be created on your machine. Included in this folder is the Data Specifications Document (DSD) in Microsoft Word format (which is also available for download in pdf format from the link above), and the set of accompanying files intended to be used with the document. Those files include the XML schema files, sample LM-2 and LM-3 XML data files, the CSV format file, and LM-2 and LM-3 reference guides.

The XML schema files that accompany this document are all suffixed with the extension ".xsd" and are generally referred to as "xsd" files. These files include lm2.xsd, lm3.xsd, and common.xsd. The common.xsd provides the XML schema for elements that are common to the LM-2 and LM-3 forms. The lm2.xsd file provides the XML schema for the LM-2 form. The lm3.xsd file provides the XML schema for the LM-3 form.

Also in this folder are two HTML files, one for each form type (Form LM-2 and Form LM-3). These documents comprise the XML schema reference guides.

The csv-format file is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file. The file provides the format specification for comma separated value data files.

Last Updated: 8-19-15