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US Department of Labor investigation finds Fort Worth 7-Eleven store operator failed to pay workers for all hours worked

Employer pays nearly $56K in back wages, damages, penalties

Employer name:        Gaston Group LLC operating as 7-Eleven

Investigation site:      1401 West 7th St.

                                              Fort Worth, TX 76102

Investigation findings: The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division found that Gaston Group LLC – operating as 7-Eleven in Fort Worth – failed to pay 21 employees for all hours worked, leading to minimum wage and overtime violations. The employer paid salary non-exempt employees straight time for all hours including those over 40 in a workweek and failed to keep accurate records as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Back wages and penalties: $20,914 in owed back wages, $20,914 in liquidated damages and $13,965 in civil money penalties.

Quote: “Employees must be paid for all hours actually worked not just those that an employer schedules them to work,” said Wage and Hour District Director Jesus A. Valdez in Dallas. “Employers who have questions or concerns about what are considered hours worked are encouraged to contact us for assistance.”

Background: In fiscal year 2023, investigations by the Wage and Hour Division recovered more than $274 million in back wages for nearly 163,000 workers. These were wages owed for work performed, but not paid by employers.

Wage and Hour Division
February 27, 2024
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Media Contact: Juan Rodriguez
Media Contact: Chauntra Rideaux
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