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US Department of Labor seeks public comment on proposed extension to Trade Adjustment Assistance Program Reserve Funding Request form

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Labor is seeking public comment on a proposed extension to the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program Reserve Funding Request, Form ETA-9117.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance Program provides assistance to workers adversely affected by foreign trade., As amended, The Trade Act of 1974 requires the department to establish a procedure to distribute reserve funds, or funds that remain after the initial distribution to states. These funds are requested using the Form ETA-9117.

States may request reserve funds to cover the costs of training; job search allowances and relocation allowances; employment and case management services; and state administration of these benefits before the department’s Employment and Training Administration issues the final distribution of state allocations. Reserve funds are distributed on an as-needed basis to states that experience large, unexpected layoffs or facing other financial needs that are not met by their initial allocation.

Before implementing changes to forms used to collect information, the department solicits input from the public and stakeholders to ensure the instructions are clear, the data can be provided in the requested format, the time and financial resources required to submit the data are reasonable and there is a way to assess the effect of submitting the data.

Learn more about the collection and how to submit written comments on the Federal Register notice.

Employment and Training Administration
April 28, 2022
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