• The primary purpose of the project is to design and conduct analysis to build and expand the evidence portfolio on apprenticeships, including models, components, partnerships, and strategies.  A rigorous agenda of evidence will be developed by carefully reviewing the existing evidence; identifying various apprenticeship models and approaches used in the Scaling Apprenticeship through Sector-based Strategies and Closing the Skills Gap grants, and other DOL apprenticeship grants; and assessing whether and how existing models could be evaluated.

Research Questions:

  • What is the current evidence on apprenticeships, including various models or typologies of apprenticeships, and effectiveness of those strategies?
  • What strategies are being used to develop new apprenticeship programs or expand existing programs?
  • What strategies, models, and partnerships are promising for different populations?
  • What types of evaluations can be conducted on the impact of apprenticeship on participants, particularly those implemented by Scaling Apprenticeship Through Sector-based Strategies grants, Closing the Skills Gap grants, and other DOL apprenticeship grants?

Project Duration: 60 Months

Contract End Date: September 2024

Contractor: Urban Institute, Mathematica Policy Research, and Capital Research Corporation

For More Information: ChiefEvaluationOffice@dol.gov