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United States Department of Labor
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Emergency Accountability Status Link (EASL)

This website is intended for DOL employees and contractors and should only be utilized as a redundant notification method for reporting their initial accountability status in the event of an emergency (natural or man-made).

This redundant accountability tool is meant to be used when primary means of communications (phone or email) to directly contact your supervisor have failed or are unavailable. This website is not intended for use by DOL employees for reporting their inability to report to work in the case of personal/family emergencies.

Please do not use this form to test the system. If you would like to try the information submission process now, please use the test form.



you are about to access a U.S. Government computer/information system. Access to this system is restricted to authorized users only. Unauthorized access, use, or modification of this computer system or of the data contained herein, or in transit to/from this system, may constitute a violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1030 and other federal or state criminal and civil laws. These systems and equipment are subject to monitoring to ensure proper performance of applicable security features or procedures. Such monitoring may result in the acquisition, recording and analysis of all data being communicated, transmitted, processed or stored in this system by a user.

If monitoring reveals possible misuse or criminal activity, notice of such may be provided to supervisory personnel and law enforcement officials as evidence.

Anyone who accesses a Federal computer system without authorization or exceeds their access authority, and by any means of such conduct obtains, alters, damages, destroys, or discloses information, or prevents authorized use of information on the computer, may be subject to fine or imprisonment, or both.

I understand that I am personally responsible for my use and any misuse of my access including my system account and password. I understand that by accessing a U.S. Government information system that I must comply with the prescribed policies and procedures. I acknowledge receipt of, understand my responsibilities, and will comply with the rules of behavior for this system.

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If you don't know your OASAM region, view this map of OASAM regions.

Go to an alternate version of the accountability status form.