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The Wage and Hour Division promotes positive and safe work experiences for teens by providing information on federal and state labor laws that apply to young workers.





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Watch our workers' rights videos in English or Spanish to learn more about how you are protected on the job.




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Our resources can help everyone better understand federal child labor laws.



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Some state child labor laws are inconsistent with the federal child labor provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, 29 U.S.C. 212(c), and its implementing regulations at 29 CFR Part 570. Where a state child labor law is less restrictive than the federal law, the federal law applies. Where a state child labor law is more restrictive than the federal law, the state law applies.



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Many investigations are initiated by complaints, which are free and confidential. The name of the complainant, the nature of the complaint, and whether a complaint exists may not be disclosed. An employer cannot retaliate against a worker for exercising their rights, filing a complaint or cooperating with an investigation.  

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  • Does your 14- or 15-year-old child want a job bussing tables? Bagging groceries? Working at a local pool, marina, or golf course? Know the federal limits on their hours and tasks.
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