3E06 Review of OFCCP Compliance Actions

COs must determine whether another OFCCP office recently reviewed or is reviewing the same contractor when scheduling a compliance review. If another OFCCP office is currently reviewing the selected contractor, the CO or the supervisor must contact the supervisor of the other OFCCP office to discuss what issues, if any, are present in their ongoing case. This is particularly important for detecting company-wide practices that result in discrimination.

COs may also examine closed case files, or OFIS, to identify issues relevant to the current evaluation. They will also note the terms of any CA or consent decree, including back pay, hires and other remedial measures contained in the CA or consent decree. In addition, COs must determine whether a contractor has been subject to an OFCCP complaint investigation and, if so, review the complaint file for any violations or problems identified. Any violations found in these past compliance actions must be recorded in the Construction SCER at I. Background Information. While the existence of a past problem is not considered evidence of the existence of present problems, COs must be alert to any indications that past problems remain unresolved, have recurred or that similar problems have arisen.