3E05 Review of Community Resource Files

Each field office must maintain resource files on the communities within its geographic area. For each community, these files should identify local organizations that represent or provide services to protected groups. These would include groups and organizations representing or servicing women, racial and ethnic minorities, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Some COs may not be knowledgeable about the local organizations in the area. In these instances, they must review the resource files and introduce themselves to representatives from the various organizations. The Communications Team in the national office and ROCs may also be useful resources.

If a contractor is located near an Indian and Native American Reservation with a TERO or other employment organization on the reservation, the CO must contact INAERP before making contact with these organizations. Chapter 2 of this Manual discusses the importance of linkages and how a CO can establish relationships with tribal communities, and Indian and Native American community-based organization located near construction projects.