3E01 Preparation and Maintenance of the Case Chronology Log

COs must prepare and maintain a Case Chronology Log for each compliance evaluation. This log is an integral part of the case file and is an invaluable tool in tracking the progress and the status of the case.193 It is, therefore, important that COs keep the Case Chronology Log current. A Case Chronology Log includes:

a. Event summaries that begin with the initial contact with the contractor and continue through to the approval of case closing documents.

b. Documentation of all telephone conversations, e-mails, correspondence and meetings associated with the evaluation, indicating the date, nature of the contact, person contacted, summary of discussion or actions taken, and the CO’s name.

Records of telephone calls in the log should include the time of the call. All meetings must include the date, location and names of the people in attendance. In addition, record in the log all requests for data and records, and the dates the CO received these items. COs must record all events and actions as they occur.

Many COs print a hardcopy of the Case Chronology Log to facilitate their ability to write in the day-to-day events and activities as they occur. This practice is acceptable, as long as the final, official Case Chronology Log included in the case file is typed, legible and maintained electronically.

193. See FCCM 1B02 – Creation and Maintenance of the Case File; Figure F-2 – Case Chronology Log (CC-53).